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Tajikistan Adventure

LLC “Tajikistan Adventure” – The travel agency registered and operated in the Republic of Tajikistan. We offer memorable comprehensive cultural and natural tours in our sunny Tajikistan. We provide tours to popular attractions as well as the less visited ones.

The Company has obtained its LLC legal form in 2018. It is the clear goal and hearty enthusiasm of our young dynamic team, to offer all foreign travelers an unforgettable and pleasant journey in our motherland Tajikistan. Our long standing experience accumulated over 7 years in the travel business is the key resource of our success.

We never cease to work for the best satisfactory outcomes for our clients.
Our clients are served by well-experienced and highly qualified staff team. Thus, whenever you make a journey with “Tajikistan Adventure”, we assure that we will do everything to ensure a comfortable and seamless, stress-free travel experience in our precious land in Central Asia.

Our services include all kind of leisure package tours, air ticket reservations, airport pick up/drop off, hotel reservations and accommodation services, baggage handling and transfers, meals arrangement and city sightseeing tour etc.

Travelling on the Pamir Highway around Tajikistan with “Tajikistan Adventure” is a great opportunity to explore the ancient and historical country with its rich culture and world popular landmarks in Khujand, Istaravshan, Panjekent, Sarazm, Kulob, Kurgan-tube, Khorug, Murgob, and other cities and regions of Tajikistan. These ancient cities are associated with the name of Alexander the Great, Chingizkhan, and the Great Caravan of the Silk Road in a very close way.
By choosing this famous route, you will not only have an opportunity to get acquainted with the main cities of the Republic of Tajikistan but you will also be able to restore a harmony with nature in a breathing clean air.

Reward yourself with new experience in the embrace of the Eastern world, where your journey begins from the bright star of Central Asia, through which the Great Silk Road once passed, “TAJIKISTAN”.

Our services

  • Jeep Tours, Cultural Tours, Trekkings, Mountaineering, Historical Tours, Business Tours, Health Tours, Winter holiday, City sightseeing, Leisure Packages
  • Private Tours and Group Tours
  • Air Ticket reservation
  • Hotel and other accommodation reservation
  • Reception at the airport (stations)
  • Meal reservation
  • All transfer services
  • All VIP, full board and half board services

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