Tajikistan Adventure commits to contribute to sustainable development in Tajikistan. We collaborate with Tajik people only in order to benefit the local population from the work we do. Be it guides, supporting staff in the mountains, cooks, homestay and hotel owners, drivers or restaurants. We only engage foreign suppliers if no other solution is feasible.

Ecological axe:

Having a strong offer and being very experienced in nature tourism such as hiking, trekking or mountaineering, Tajikistan Adventure fosters slow and eco-friendly tourism. Leaving nothing but our footsteps behind is our motto and a matter of course for us. Tajikistan Adventure is motivated to continuously improve its business practices and to raise awareness amongst the stakeholders to set a good example. Still, there is a long journey ahead of us to push the sector into a more sustainable one. Our goal is to take constant measures that can minimize the human impact on the environment in mountainous areas, in small steps to protect all those who are actively involved in our work chain to create conscious tourism. We not only strive to do business, but also to support the country financially by creating jobs, promoting local communities and eco-hotels. This certainly inspires confidence in our clients and respect for our goal – to live in harmony with nature, respect the religion and traditions of different peoples, breathe fresh air, drink clean water and eat healthy food, walking, love wild animals and create all conditions for their safe arrival in mountainous terrain.

Tajikistan Adventure is a tour company to Central Asia. Cultural values and the primeval beauty of nature are what we try to preserve and value in our daily work. Step by step, from supporting local communities and the cultural heritage of the Silk Road, to elimination of plastic during our tours, picnics, to gifts of felt bags for tourists used to store souvenirs. We aim at sustainability as an action that lives side by side with us. This is what makes us move on and deliberately implement our plans.

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