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Trekking to the Sarez Lake and Wakhan corridor Jeep Tour

Descriptions Tour location: Tajikistan Duration of the journey:  17 days trip Duration of the trek:  6 days Trekking grade: hard, [...]

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Navruz Festival Tour (8 days)

Descriptions Tour location: Tajikistan Duration of the journey: 8-day trip Season: Navruz Festival takes place about March 20th [...]

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ALL YEAR AROUND Cultural Tour (6 days)

Descriptions Tour location: Tajikistan Duration of the journey: 6-day trip Season: Spring and Autumn are high season for this [...]

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Hiking in Siyoma Valley (1 Day)

Descriptions Tour location: Tajikistan Duration of the journey: 1-day trip Season: April to October  Quantity of tour participants: [...]

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Visit Hisor Fortress (1 Day)

Descriptions Tour location: Tajikistan Duration of the journey: 1-day trip Season: All year around Quantity of tour [...]

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Day Tour to Varzob Valley (1 Day)

Descriptions Tour location: Tajikistan Duration of the journey: 1-day trip Season: All year around Quantity of tour [...]

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Tourist Guide

Our country is visited by tourists from all over the world. In order to discover the most beautiful places of our country and to learn as much as possible about our culture, our experienced guides are always willing to guide you during your stay.


We can book any homestays in the traditional style of the Tajik people, hostels, guesthouses and Hotels. During the trekkings we provide tents. For our clients we chose accommodations with hospitable staff and the best possible customer service.

Tourist Transportation

We organize all kind of transportation for our guests. Transfers within the whole country, Airport pick-up and drop off, Overland tours along Pamir Highway or along the Silk Road. Our guests will enjoy a comfortable journey.

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Short Description

LLC “Tajikistan Adventure” – The travel agency registered and operated in the Republic of Tajikistan offers the memorable comprehensive cultural and natural tours of our sunny Tajikistan, which covers all including popular attractions as well as the less visited ones.
The Company has  obtained its LLC legal form in 2019. With the clear goal and hearty enthusiasm of our young dynamic team to offer an unforgettable and pleasant journey on our motherland of Tajikistan to all foreign travelers, our long time experience accumulated over 7 years in the travel business is the key success for our team.



What our customers say

Day trip to Nurak Dam
The trip was arranged by Ms Maryam , Reservations Manager of Atlas Hotel, Dushanbe. Our guide was Firuz Amonkulov. A 27 years young erudite guide: highly knowledgeable about his country and its peoples. From 9.15 am when we started till late afternoon, he was a fountain of knowledge. The subjects covered archaeology, history, religion, politics, economy, general lifestyle and cost of living etc. etc. With a little help from me, as no Tajik likes to speak with Police or Army, and i believe that there is no such thing as “its not possible”, he arranged for us to get to the high point of the dam from where we got a wonderful view.
He took us to Merve, a restaurant, and insisted he pay for his own lunch, until we stopped him forcefully!
If in Dushanbe, go with him and you will have a great tour. He speaks English and French and has studied abroad so has a wider world view.

Sunil from India2017

Great Trip
May 2017 i went on a 3 week tour to Tajikistan. Until today this was one of my best and most memorable trips. Everything was very well arranged. We were a group of 7 and came from Uzbek border. After entering Tajikistan we were welcomed by our guide Firuz. He guided u’s throughout our entire trip. Must say he is very knowledgeable about his country and all the sites we visited. We experienced and felt his love for the country and the beautiful sites and nature we passed. We traveled with 3 Toyota land-cruises together with there very safe and experienced drivers. There has not been a single moment i did not feel safe, great Guy,s. The accommodations we were using along the way were carefully picked,from very nice hotels to traditional homestay’s. The best part of the trip was of course the Pamir highway, something i dreamt of for a long time. After returning to my country i promised the team i would be a good ambassador for Tajikistan,. Thanks to everybody, guide, drivers and all the people whom i met along the way.

Carolina from Italy2017

We come back 
I have so many good memories when I think back to the days we were traveling from Dushanbe, through the Wakhan corridor and via the Pamir Highway to the Kyrgyz border. Traveling with a guide and drivers from Tajikistan gave us a different insight in a wonderful country and a very interesting culture. We met so many open and warm people, thanks to our multilingual guide Firuz it was also possible to communicate with them and to get a lot of background information. Also the beautiful landscapes and colors will remain in my memory for a long time. Within these eleven days we were not only travel companions but became friends. Already by crossing the border to Kyrgyzstan, it was clear that we would come back to Tajikistan one day… Now I’m looking forward to visit the northern part of Tajikistan already this summer and to travel again with our Tajik friend and guide Firuz.

Martina from Switzerland2018

Review Hotels

Information about hotels

Hotels and Homestays in Tajikistan

Th hotels and hostels in Tajikistan combine five-star elegance with Tajik heritage, architecture and ancestral wisdom. The hotels of our capital Dushanbe radiates a vibrant culture, cuisine and character of its environment, while maintaining the sophistication that can be expected from the leading hotels in the world.

Accommodation in the Fann Mountains

Homestays are available throughout the Fann Mountains. Most villages have a place available to spend the night. Over the years, the tourist accommodations in the Fann Mountains have developed and the comfort level is increasing slowly but steadily.

The sleeping arrangements typically feature western-style beds. The bathroom facilities are always shared and separate from the individual rooms. Bathrooms do frequently have the convenience of warm showers. The homestays typically have communal spaces that allow all the guests to gather and socialize together.

Accommodation in the Pamir Aera

Accommodations in the Pamir Mountains are mainly small-scale homestays with an overall lower comfort level compared to the Fann Mountains. Even the availability of electricity can be limited, and facilities may operate on alternative power sources. This has to do with the very remote nature of many of the villages. The villages also generally have a smaller capacity to host guests.

Toilet facilities in the Pamir Mountains are typically not western-style, but rather a small cabin with a squat toilet above a hole dug into the ground. Hot water for showering is rarely available. Sleeping arrangements often involve traditional sleeping areas or mats on the ground, which is a common practice in the region. Western-style beds are not used by the local inhabitants.

General views about accommodation in Tajikistan

Accommodation in the Tajik mountains is mostly based on homestays. Tajikistan’s homestays do not always offer all facilities you will find in a hotel in the city, but do offer an enriching experience and immersion in the local culture. While trekking through Tajikistan, you will find that it is not just the natural beauty that captivates hikers, but also the warmth of its people.

With the Fann Mountains being relatively easy to access, the region sees relatively more tourists than more remote areas like the Pamirs or Yaghnob Valley. This leads to slightly more developed facilities for the accommodations in the Fann Mountains compared to the remote mountain areas where even electricity may be absent.

We cooperate with both independent hotels and large hotel groups and hotel chains in Tajikistan

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