Navruz Festival Tour (8 days)

Tour location: Tajikistan
Duration of the journey: 8-day trip
Season: Navruz Festival takes place about March 20th to 26th
Quantity of tour participants: 1-30 Persons
Features: Exploring the ancients cities of Tajikistan and attending in Navruz festival
Max altitude: driving from 950m up to 2780m
Transportation: 4WD Toyota Rav4, Hyundai Starex  
Food: 3 Meals a day are included
Itinerary: Dushanbe–Hisor Fortress–Istaravshan-Khujand-Panjakent-Haftkul-Iskandarkul

  • Day 01: Arrival in Dushanbe 900m
  • Day 02: Dushanbe-Hissor Fortress 824m. Visit the fortress and museum. Back to Dushanbe, 60km, driving 1-2hrs
  • Day 03: Dushanbe 900m-Istaravshan 1000m. Visit Istaravshan. Further to Khujand 300m, 310km, driving 5-6hrs
  • Day 04: Khujand 300m / City tour
  • Day 05: Khujand 300m-Panjakent 900m, 280km, driving 4-5hrs. Visit Penjakent.
  • Day 06: Panjakent 900m-Haftkul lakes 2400m. Free time in the mountains. Back to Panjakent 900m, 70km+70km, driving 4-5hrs
  • Day 07: Panjakent 900m-Iskandarkul 2195m. Free time at Iskandarkul Lake. Further to Dushanbe 900m, 280km, driving 5-6hrs
  • Day 08: Dushanbe-Departure 

      During this tour we plan to visit several festival activities, as they take place in every tajik city these days.

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