Also at your request we organize the following tours:

  • Mountaineering - in the mountainous areas of Tajikistan Pamir, Gissar, Fann Mountains, Muminabad, wildlife, mountaineering and rock climbing
  • City Tours - familiarization with the sights of cities, visiting historical sites, monuments and mausoleums, excursions to museums and cultural events: exhibitions, galleries, theaters, amusement parks, botanical gardens, water parks and acquaintance with national Tajik cuisine.
  • Historical Tours - Trips through the historical heritage of the Republic of Tajikistan: The heritage of Sarazm, the Gissar fortress, the Mug fortress - organizing excursions with a guidebook.
  • Winter Resorts - organization of winter holidays and vacations: Safeddara, Shakhristan - races in the mountains, skis, skating rink, cable car, skates and other winter entertainment.
  • Business Tours - organization of business trips, VIP services.
  • Health Tours - organization of health trips to Tajikistan's natural health centers: Garmchashma, Hochi Obi Garm, Khavotag, Aksikon and sanatoriums: Bahoriston, Zumrad, Saturn, Chorbog.