Wellness Safari combined with Cultural Highlights (8 days)

Tour location: Tajikistan
Duration of the journey: 8 Days tour
Season: whole year round
Quantity of tour participants: 1-10 Person
Features: Driving to the west of Dushanbe, driving though the Shaambary valley, visiting Hisor Fortress, Varzob Valley and Fergana Valley
Accommodation: 2 nights in Sanatory Shaambary, 2 nights in Sanatory Khoja Obi Garm, 1 night in Hotel in Khujand, 2 nights in Sanatory of Zumrad
Max altitude: 1900 m
Transportation: Transportation with 4WD
Food: Full board
Itinerary: Dushanbe–Shaambary–Hisor–Varzob–Khujand–Zumrad–Tashkent/Dushanbe
Additional Information: Treatments such as Sauna, Sand treatment, mud bath, mineral bath, underwater massage, electronic physiotherapy and massage available.


  • Day 01: Drive from Dushanbe to the Sanatory Shaambary. First treatments in the afternoon. Driving time 1.5 hrs, 26 km
  • Day 02: Relaxation, treatments, walking in the hills of Shaambary due to your wishes.
  • Day 03: Treatments in the morning. After lunch, drive to Hisor and visit the Fortress. Drive to the Sanatory of Khoja Obi Garm in the Varzob valley. Driving 3 hrs, 78 km
  • Day 04: Treatment, relaxation and individual walking in the surroundings of Khoja Obi Garm.
  • Day 05: Treatments in the morning. After lunch, drive to Khujand. Driving 4-5 hrs, 260 km
  • Day 06: Half day city tour in Khujand. In the afternoon drive to the Sanatory of Zumrad. Driving 2 hrs, 100 km
  • Day 07: Treatment and relaxation in the Sanatory of Zumrad.
  • Day 08: After Brekafast drive to Tashkent or Dushanbe.

Nice to know:
Tajikistan is rich in natural health resorts. The clean mountain air, almost untouched by civilization exhausts, gurgling streams filled with crystal water, the singing birds of rare beauty, hidden in the crowns of trees high altitude. There are about 200 sources of mineral and thermal waters, which is developed on the basis of the spa area of health tourism.

Shaambary – The main natural curative factor of the sanatorium are nitrogen, chloride, sulfate, sodium, slabotermalnye (14-37 degrees C) water used for drinking and intestinal shower, as well as for the organization of the mineral baths, underwater massage. The waters contain a concentration of healing balneal active components as iodine, bromine and silica.
 The resort operates all year round and is designed for 260 seats (in the winter) and 418 (in the summer). Patients are accommodated in single and double rooms. It offers patients film and video halls, a juice bar.    

Resort Khoja Obi Garm – a well-known health resort, located 48 km north of Dushanbe in a picturesque valley of the southern slope of the Hissar ridge, at an altitude of over 1,900 meters above sea level. It is perfectly well-maintained complex for 700 people. Modern housing, buildings, medical facilities – everything blends into the surrounding nature. There is a health center with specialized classrooms and laboratories, mud baths and bath department. But the main wealth of the resort – radioactive hot mineral water. They are located on the surface, having a temperature of 45 – 96 degrees. They are rich in alkali, silicic acid, have a moderate radioactivity.

Zumrad – located 10 kilometers from the city of Isfara in northern Tajikistan, at an altitude of 800 m. Above sea level. The resort successfully treat patients with diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system; musculoskeletal and respiratory system, urinary system, gynecological diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and biliary tract, and skin diseases. Natural curative factor here is the healing mud baths. 

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